MP Nick Smith Hires Lawyer to Silence Child Abuse Ring Rumours

MP Nick Smith hired Nelson lawyer Nigel McFadden to serve papers on the man who runs the “Awake and Aware NZ” Facebook page recently.

He was apparently upset about the post below which states that 5 sitting MP’s have name suppression for child abuse, and features a picture of Nick Smith. If you read the  full poster, it does not actually say Nick Smith is one of them, it simply highlights the fact that Kiwis do not know which MP’s it is.


But is there more to this story?

Facebook whistle blower Justin Davis has also stated publicly that Nick Smith is in fact involved in some kind of  child abuse saga…

Justin Davis’ allegation is posted below – and is taken from a total of 58 pages of allegations Justin has made about child abuse rings operating across various NZ Crown agencies, apparently with the protection of the NZ police and judiciary. We have censored some of the words from Mr Davis’ Facebook post so as to avoid harm…

“Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful p#$%^&*&^ls in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?”

– Justin Davis

It could be noted that Tax Payer Union leader Jordan Williams is also a  friend of Dan Dolejs on Facebook. Or was at least. Kiwis pay around 65% net tax to fund the bastards posing as our leaders, and this Jordan Williams sits there arguing over peanuts. In the words of Lenin- The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.

Nick Smith was apparently involved in the Civic Cache case, where innocent man Peter Ellis was apparently stitched up and framed…..

He was later convicted in that case for Contempt of Court

Justin Davis’ full 58 page transcript of these allegations is available for download at the following Mega link. It is a pdf document so cannot harm your computer. It’s a must read for all good Kiwis. It names top politicians, doctors, dentists, and powerful businessmen as being involved in child abuse rings nationwide – all apparently with the protection of NZ media, police and judges. It even names the Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills as being involved in the cover up of these rings, as well as Sensible Sentencing Trust head, Garth Mc Vicar also covering it up – in so far as they have been sent the information and have done nothing with it. Justin’s files  names top doctors, pharmacists, dentists and others involved in making the date rape drugs, even where they are made, and the location of the film collections these sickos have made. Chess is another theme – oddly enough, many of them are top chess champions and Google searches for their names bring up all sorts of domestic and foreign chess websites – a very ‘Soviet’/ Russian pursuit really.

(Please visit Justin Davis on Facebook- add as friend – read his posts – check out his photo album – ask him questions- and show your support- his life is in danger).

[Related Link- Northland backpackers owner drugged and raped scores of his guests: ]

[Related Link- the drugging and abusing of children by those in positions of authority in NZ- “Jury finds former St John ambulance officer guilty on all eight sex charges” ]

It seems astounding doesn’t it? Is it possible that those in the highest positions of power and prestige in our little Nation are in fact child abusers?

Yet if we look over to the UK at the recent Westminster Scandal we in fact see that their Government has been run by pedophiles and pedophile rings, which have operated for at least 40 years with the apparent full protection of the UK Judiciary and power structure. It is claimed that over 100,000 children were raped (or worse) by British Lords, judges, celebrities  and MP’s, and yet there has still not been one arrest. In fact, NZ Judge Lowell Goddard has been put in charge of that “investigation” – which appears more like a cover up.

Is this is the way that these New World Order Governments are controlled, by promoting then bribing and controlling child abusers into positions of power?

We should make it clear here that we have no hard evidence that Nick Smith or anyone else named in the Justin Davis files are directly involved in NZ child abuse  rings  – but if you read the document, the level of detail is astounding. It is quite difficult to think it is all made up, in our opinion.

Perhaps one clue as to this alleged situation, is to look at the portfolios these MP’s are given to manage.  Nick Smith has of course been put in charge of Auckland Housing and we have seen that market destroyed by foreign buyers and immigration since the Key regime came to power, leaving almost an entire generation of Kiwis out of the market. Nick Smith has been fronting that entire scam- possibly one of the biggest scams of any NZ government in history, and Nick Smith is there in front of the cameras making excuses and telling lies day after day. How do you make someone do that? His other portfolio is the Environment, as we have seen our lakes and rivers be destroyed by intensive dairy farming to feed Chinese babies. Again, there is MP Nick Smith on the news telling lies and helping cover up the extent of the damage. How does the shadow government convince someone to make such a complete asshole out of themselves day after day? And could that be related to the allegations above? One thing is for sure- Nick Smith is a professional liar.

We have also seen at least one MP stand down suddenly in recent years, in a swirl of allegations, that being Northland MP Mike Sabin. The public were left guessing what that was all about.

Then there is PM John Key’s numerous pedophilia gaffs – from pulling little girls ponytails at primary schools up and down the Nation, to making “jokes” about escaped pedophile and murderer Phillip Smith at the G20 meeting in Brazil a couple of years ago. “John Key’s killer pedophile joke disgusts family” . John Key’s own daughter Stephanie Key is now doing soft porn in Paris, which looks very much like a cry for attention and help in our view. Images below.

In our opinion- the question must be asked, are we governed over by a group of child sex offenders and perverts who are all being bribed and controlled into serving the new global corporate system of Government run by a small handful of  inbred bankers?

The National Government have added over $100 billion to our Nation’s debt in the past 7 years, taking the total from roughly $30 billion to $138 billion – 3 times more debt than all other governments in our history combined and the worst fiscal performance of any government in NZ’s history. All while taxing us at about 60% net (paye, gst, acc levies, rates, 74 cents per litre on petrol, plus hundreds of millions on booze and tobacco) – then you are charged for all government ‘services’ such as passports and doctors visits anyway, even the ‘public’ schools require “donations” these days.  They have also sold off half the assets our forefathers built up over generations of hard work, to “make up the difference”. This is financial fraud on an unbelievable scale and would be called treason in any fair legal system. Its impossible to know just how much of that money has simply been stolen by these criminals, but all they appear to have “funded” in those 8 years is 500,000 new immigrants, handing out social welfare payments and free housing to half of Asia and the Middle East. All Kiwis have been left with is an entire generation locked out of the housing market, traffic jams, the sell off of their assets and a national debt that could take 100 years to pay off. Oh yeah- and the worst child abuse statistics in the ‘developed’ world.

Kiwis should be asking the question- how do these bankers that control our Government convince these puppets to get up and lie about this treason and theft every day in the media? Bill English just announced there will be no new tax cuts and we will instead be “paying off debt”. Kiwis are now slaves to the bankers, with your hard earned taxes being siphoned off to fund counterfeit bank debt. And its all just money these criminals have printed out of thin air-  ‘counterfeiting’ is the correct technical term.  The money they lend our governments has no real asset backing and thus no real value in the economic sense- all it does is cause inflation, and allows these criminals to pick and choose the ‘winners’.

And we see the mounting pile of allegations and evidence that those they pick and put in power could be child abusers, being bribed and controlled- just as we have seen in the Westminster Scandal.

Perhaps the solution to all of this theft and financial fraud and the child abuse that seems to go with it, is to get rid of these  criminal bankers and their puppets, and issue our own money as a sovereign Nation?





(Above- John Key pictured feeling up Ponytails at every opportunity. And hugging Bill Clinton, a serial rapist named in the Epstein pedophile ring court documents. Also Stephanie Key’s “art” or cry for help?)

Related Research and Docos:

NZ author Greg Hallett alleges the primary role of the NZ judiciary is to protect  child abusers

“The judiciary shows itself to be a paedophile and crime creation movement whose primary goal is fatherless families.” “New Zealand is a pedophile movement fronting as a Country” – Greg Hallett’s book is available on Amazon, but apparently banned and censored in New Zealand…..
Greg Hallett – NZ a Blackmailers Guide

Just how many child abusers & perverts are protected by NZ’s Judiciary? Seems it is a very big “club” they run (to quote John Key)…..and how many of them are our MP’s?  Below are some of the articles we found will researching these allegations…….how can New Zealand children  be safe in this system with these judges protecting so many of these people?

“Jury finds former St John ambulance officer guilty on all eight sex charges”

“Ex MP charged with indecent assault”

“Cabinet minister’s brother accused of abusing two 11-year-olds”

“National MP Nick Smith found in contempt of court”

“Hon Dr Nick Smith, M.P and the Family Court
(C) Found guilty of contempt”
“Permanent name suppression for top professional”

“Name suppression for Auckland professional”

“Doctor granted permanent name suppression”

“Auckland professional caught with 6000 objectionable images”

But they only give name suppression to “protect the victims” right?
“Abused sisters lose High Court bid to name attacker”

“Investigated teacher refused to open laptop, but can still teach”

“GP accused of indecent assault finally loses his right to practice”

“Fight to keep name suppressed in couch-surfing case”

“Convicted rapist back tutoring”

“New Zealander charged with sex assaults on drugged backpackers”
“Permanent name suppression for prominent New Zealander”

“‘Prominent’ Auckland actor on sex charges retains name suppression”

“Sex offender Ronald Van der Plaat’s release angers Te Atatu community”

“Name suppression for New Plymouth man who imported pornography”

“Invercargill underage sex accused not guilty”

“Acquitted prominent NZer wins permanent suppression”

“Man jailed for 13 years for raping daughter”

“Name suppression threshold “too high” – QC”

“Sex offender seeks further name suppression”

“Kiwi entertainer retains name supression”

“Suppression for man on rape charge”

“Community work and name suppression for child porn downloader”

“NZ actor facing sex charges keeps name suppression”

“Judge declines to lift suppression of kiwi actor on sex charges”

“Comedian says incident was drunken accident”

“Wellington child pornography offender discharged without conviction”

“Pharmacist suppression orders lifted”

“Upskirt filmer gets name suppression”

“Name suppression for Auckland flasher”

“Teachers found guilty of misconduct over relationship with 13-year-old girl lose name suppression”

Brendon O’Connell – exposing corrupt freemasons in the Australian Government and Councils…

El = Allah = the Lord = Saturn = Cronus = the Crown = Satan. The God of $$ and Time who ‘sacrifices’ his own children in mythology/ astrotheology…..

The Rothschild Family Documentary New World Order

Legal – We have been careful not to state that MP Nick Smith is a child abuser e in this article and have made it clear that we have seen no hard evidence that he is.  We have simply quoted other public statements made on the subject. This has been done in the public’s interest given the claims published hat NZ police and judges are helping to cover up these types of allegations and have refused to investigate these claims made by others. We have republished these publicly made and available statements and asked the question- could there be any truth to them – given the almost unprecedented levels of corruption and economic fraud we currently see occurring in NZ politics and in the NZ economy in the early stages of the 21st  century.  We have also provided a long list of other references and stories that appear to relate to the various allegations about our MP’s and Crown run Government. . Bcos thats what good journalists do. Investigate.





6 thoughts on “MP Nick Smith Hires Lawyer to Silence Child Abuse Ring Rumours

  1. Rothschilds is pablum like the illuminati story– to fool the lazy researcher.

    Plato as the false prophet of revelations exposes the entires paedophilocracy.
    Freemasonry is plato’s mystery schools which ran for 900 years before being banned as unchristian by the early papacy.
    Gnostics from round the world went plato’s mystery schools to learn the secret rites of egyptian witchcraft to become a ‘god’.
    sex rites with children.
    Theres a masonic lodge in every town in christendom.
    They aren’t just kiddy fiddlers, they hypnotise kids and can trigger that hypnotism any time they like for as long as the kids lives.
    And the kid will tell them anything they ask , and probably not remember either being interrogated or kiddy fiddled


    • Interesting
      One question- how do you explain the past 20-30 years of pedophile scandals within the Papacy? Just conspiracy? Or did the platonic pagans infiltrate and frame up the whole thing?


  2. Roman catholics have been able to join the masons since the 1970s
    its the same esoteric religion
    All the anticatholic crap was because the masons were trying to takeover protestant christianity.
    And have now done so

    Liked by 1 person

    • actually, you make a good point. some like to say the black pope runs the vatican anyway. black. the synagouge of saturn. who control the freemasons also. in fact i think they even wrote it into the bible- in last days, the churches will be run by the synagogue. destroying the old, to create the new. guess we will all be getting a new Trump golf course. well- those on the corporatist pay role.


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