Is Dr Matthew Farry of Unitec a Tax Payer Funded Lying Commie Fraud?

Tax payer funded Dr Matthew Farry appeared yesterday on Media Works/ Werks commie radio station Radio Live (owned by Jewish billionaire Howard Marks).

In his interview on “diversity”, Dr Matthew Farry and /or his fellow guest stated and both agreed that white people in the USA often seem to forget how privileged they are and how easy they have been handed wealth (or words along those lines).

What this tax payer funded libtard seems to have missed, is that the wealthiest and most privileged people in the USA are in fact Jewish, not “white people”.

Is Dr Matthew Farry simply stupid and failed to do his research, or is he a deliberate lying fraud?

The Daily Commie rang Dr Matthew Farry twice today to ask him why is spreading lies on nationwide radio and he hung up on us both times. The presumption being that he knows he is being less than accurate with the truth.

The fact that Jews own and control most of US banking, Hollywood, entertainment, porn, drug trafficking,and other industries is often covered up and / or ignored by ignorant and/or corrupt morons like Dr Farry, but one can research it for themselves from a multitude of good reliable sources online- here are a few:

Jewish Dominance Of America – Facts Are Facts

Fact Sheet: Jews Control America

Jewish control of the US Federal Reserve:

Forbes Israel boasts of power of Jewish billionaires

Jewish mafia drug trafficking

Jews control the porn industry- as a “secret weapon” against Western culture:

Even the Israeli Prime Minister admits that Jews control the USA:

And yet the uninformed and/or poorly educated Dr Farry missed this fact altogether and seems to blame “white people” for the record inequality in the USA. Nearly all billionaires in the USA are in fact Jewish and members of a slightly inbred bloodline that goes way back through history.

So we might well conclude that Dr Farry is either a corrupt liar or just plain stupid and failing in his fiduciary duty to use NZ tax payer funding to do adequate research and tell the truth.

He should clearly be fired and replaced with someone who is both honest and capable of doing adequate research in our opinion.

Our academia and Government are littered with these lying / corrupt and/or dishonest clowns however- which is why we see the Nation falling apart – by design.

We wonder what else this tax payer funded liar is also lying to the public and his students about?

How about the fact that Jews ran the black African slave trade into the USA? With all slave ships registered to wealthy Jewish families and businessmen?


Or how about the fact that an astounding number of the US Government throughout the past 15 years of illegal wars & genocide in the Middle East are dual Israeli / US citizens?


Or how about the fact that Israelis were behind the 911 attacks in the USA in 2001? Not to mention Al Qaeda, ISIS and all the wars since 911 – all wars for Israel/ God as they take over the Middle East with their Saudi partners in crime.

Here he is – the rather stupid, if not corrupt Dr Farry – who helps spread lies to his students with NZ tax payer funding….

This lying moron is right about one thing though- it doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight, black, yellow or white, or even a soulless satanic reptilian. What really matters in life is that you are honest and do not seek to lie or harm others. Dr Matthew Farry is clearly still struggling with that last part.

We invite Dr Matthew Farry to correct himself. On air to the Nation.

Dr Matthew Farry Unitec Auckland New Zealand


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