The Tall Fishing Story – is Sean Plunket a Compulsive Liar?


A story has emerged from the sleepy town of Turangi – where Sean Plunket (of Radio Lies ‘fame’) likes to go fishing for trout.

Sean was very proud of his fish story over the xmas break- telling all of his heavily fluoridated listeners and even posting photos of the fish on line.

A young boy who goes by the name of “Tama” has apparently been telling his ‘fishing story’ from the same xmas break period – and the funny thing is – it appears to be about the very same fish.

Could two people have caught the same fish that Sean Plunket was so proud of?

Real News investigates:


Tama claims he lives very close to the Tongariro River with his family- and that they have seen Sean Plunket fishing down by the river many times, as well as at Xmas. Tama actually described “the man” as “a weird old fat guy with a black dog” – so we can presume it is Plunket.

Tama claims they always notice Sean, not just because of his weight problem and black labrador – but also from his behavior. Tama claims Plunket is often “acting funny” down the river, singing “nursery rhymes”, “yelling a lot”, talking to his dog and even often just sitting on the river bank in tears/ crying to himself. Tama and his brother thought they saw him swigging out of a bottle of Vodka one day also, before breaking down in tears, but are unsure what the bottle said on the label.

Plunket had apparently been on the river each day over the xmas / NY’s period and Tama and his family had become concerned after a few days of watching Plunket sitting on the river bank, swigging from a bottle, crying and arguing with his dog “like a kid”. Tama said that his older brother and father pull trout of the river almost every day of the week, so Tama and his younger brother went down to the river to offer Plunket one of their fish, wrapped in a local newspaper.

Tama said it was quite funny, and that Plunket “acted like he had never seen a Maori boy before” and initially tried to run away yelling  “leave me alone or I will call the police!” – but fell over about 20 metres away and collapsed in a heap in the long grass. Tama and his brother stayed by his fishing bag and the half empty bottle for a few minutes and “the man” came back over eventually and asked them what they wanted.

Tama explained that they had been watching him ‘fish’ each day – and then crying a lot and wondered if they were to give him a fish, would it make him feel better?

“The man” was reportedly very embarrassed and took the fish off the boys and mumbled a “thank you”.

Tama claims this was the best thing he did all school holidays as “the fat man” never came back to that spot and they were left in peace.

[The fishing photo below]


Could that be the same fish that Sean Plunket posted online and claimed that he had caught?

Or is Sean Plunket a compulsive liar – both in his personal and professional life?

We certainly already know the answer to the later…..

Sean Plunket has conspired (in our view) to help cover up truth about 911 and the CIA/ Rome’s “War on Terror” – and is little better than the Nazis. He should be on trial for his part in covering up genocide and war crimes and all of his assets seized if found guilty. Its time Kiwis called an end to this fascism – the Fourth Reich of Rome- run by a bunch of lying immoral corporatist/ fascist b’tards. 

[Please note- ‘Tama’ has chosen to keep his full identity secret- given Sean Plunket’s inclination towards lies, deceit, corruption, war crimes and corporate fascism] 



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