Is NZ Juice Company Funding the Islamic State/ Terrorism

When you are shopping at your Supermarket next – pick up a bottle of Aroha juice and read the label: “Halal” Certified.

This is a “service” offered by The Federation of Islam in NZ – a privately owned and registered company: (

We contacted Mark Dillon of the Aroha juice company and asked him if he knew what the Islamic Federation of NZ does with his money, or if he had done any research into who they are, who the directors are and where that money goes.

Mark’s reply was along the lines of  – we wanted to sell juice into Malaysia and were instructed to get that certification – and so we paid the fee.

Real News asks the question – is it possible that any of that money finds its way into the coffers of IS/ Islamic State ? meaning Kiwi companies and businessmen are potentially funding terrorism without knowing?

Real News has looked at online and we see they have private shareholders and directors- yet Mark Dillon never thought to do any research into who owns the company and what they do with his money. He was only focused on the exciting prospect of more sales- the modern mantra of “more growth” and “profit” – but whose profit is he serving really?

It is fairly commonly known that all of the Monotheistic Religions are written, owned, copyrighted and then franchised (like any other business) from Rome. Whether it be a registered (corporate) Christian Church, Synagogue or now the new Islamic franchises available. We should not need to pay money to a Vatican run “certification” board just to be able to say our products are safe or acceptable. And certainly not when some of that money could be finding its way into the coffers of one of the so called ‘elite’ family run terrorist organizations – such as Isis in the Middle East.

Alas this is a problem we potentially face in the West – near unrestrained greed in pursuit of our dear “profit” can potentially  lead mindless money hungry people to sign up for almost anything – if it will mean increased sales/ growth – without doing any of their own research into the possible consequences.

We have no direct evidence or knowledge of what the FIANZ does with their money- but there is certainly a link to Islam and there is certainly a link from Islam to the Islamic State – so one would hope and expect Kiwi business people were at least checking what organizations they are giving money to and where that money might be going- not least given the anti- terror legislation of 2011. Surely we should be asking such questions?

Well, Real News is at least – perhaps now Aroha Juice & others will also.

Rhubarb Sparkling copy

[Image- fair use/ commentary] 


Company number:3510272

NZ Business Number:9429030987432

Incorporation Date:10 Aug 2011

Company Status:Registered

Entity type:NZ Limited Company

Constitution filed:Yes

AR filing month:April , last filed on 01 Apr 2014

Company Addresses:

Registered Office 

7-11 Queens Drive, Lyall Bay, Wellington, 6140 , New Zealand

Address for service 

7-11 Queens Drive, Lyall Bay, Wellington, 6140 , New Zealand

 View all addresses

DirectorsShowing 2 of 3 directors


29 Berkley Avenue, Hillcrest, Hamilton, 3216 , New Zealand

Jamaal Anthony GREEN

18 Vernon Terrace, Hillsborough, Christchurch, 8022 , New Zealand

 View more director details


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