John Key Secret Affair Exposed

A story has come in to Real News NZ about an affair John Key is reported to be having.

A young man whom we shall refer to as “Jay” claims he was out having a drink at the Chapel Bar in Ponsonby the other day, when he got chatting to a man we shall call “Ash”. Ash said he runs a Brazilian waxing business/ gossip shop in Remeura, where the partners of Auckland’s who’s who come and put themselves through pain and suffering to help keep themselves ‘relevant’ and ‘competitive’.

Ash told “Jay” that despite being a traditionally staunch National supporter he had become disillusioned of late with all of the corruption, lies and cover ups we are all witnessing  and especially with our ongoing support for illegal wars and invasions overseas.

Jay says the fake/ staged “War on Terror” is one of his favorite topics also and so the two men spent some time in conversation about the staged 911 attacks, the resulting illegal wars,  and the corrupt politicians behind our support for such.

During the conversation, a rather drunk Ash disclosed that he knew John Key was having an affair and that discovering this had ruined his perception of the man – given he stands up on stage hand in hand with his wife to give the impression of a happily married, honest man.

Ash claimed he had even been in the same taxi one night as John Key and his secret lover and that “half of Auckland knows” that the National Party leader was having an affair.

Ash would not be drawn on whether John Key’s lover is another woman or a man – but given what we know about Helen Clark, David Cameron and Obama – we can only guess.

“Jay” claims there was another man present at the table during this conversation – should a further witness to those statements be required.

The media in NZ is always asking the question “Is John Key a liar” – in fact probably the most asked question of the man in the past 6 years. Real News NZ thinks however that the real question people should be asking is “Is John Key a compulsive liar”.

And maybe we should even be asking – did something horrible happen to the younger John Key during his fatherless childhood? So many psychopaths were abused as children – and continue that abuse if left untreated. It may seem outlandish – but with all the harm this man does to Kiwis with his constant lying & corruption – perhaps these are the questions we should really be asking.

[John Key pulling young girls hair]

Breaking – Government run Child Youth and Family exposed for covering up more child abuse cases – even as MP’s from across the House help cover up the Mike Sabin ‘assaults’. Are we governed by a collection of very sick sex offenders and compulsive liars?

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How the Vatican Created Islam – & the “War on Tera” (Earth)

The Vatican created Islam (Isis and the Lamb/ Slaves of ‘God’) – same as all of the Monotheistic Religions/ Regali this fascist gang have created in the past 2000 years to control the “goy”.

How Rome and its Crown staged the 911 attacks – to kick start their ‘War on Tera’ (Latin for Earth- or the war on all of us)

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The Tall Fishing Story – is Sean Plunket a Compulsive Liar?


A story has emerged from the sleepy town of Turangi – where Sean Plunket (of Radio Lies ‘fame’) likes to go fishing for trout.

Sean was very proud of his fish story over the xmas break- telling all of his heavily fluoridated listeners and even posting photos of the fish on line.

A young boy who goes by the name of “Tama” has apparently been telling his ‘fishing story’ from the same xmas break period – and the funny thing is – it appears to be about the very same fish.

Could two people have caught the same fish that Sean Plunket was so proud of?

Real News investigates:

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Is NZ Juice Company Funding the Islamic State/ Terrorism

When you are shopping at your Supermarket next – pick up a bottle of Aroha juice and read the label: “Halal” Certified.

This is a “service” offered by The Federation of Islam in NZ – a privately owned and registered company: (

We contacted Mark Dillon of the Aroha juice company and asked him if he knew what the Islamic Federation of NZ does with his money, or if he had done any research into who they are, who the directors are and where that money goes.

Mark’s reply was along the lines of  – we wanted to sell juice into Malaysia and were instructed to get that certification – and so we paid the fee.

Real News asks the question – is it possible that any of that money finds its way into the coffers of IS/ Islamic State ? meaning Kiwi companies and businessmen are potentially funding terrorism without knowing?

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